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Roger made his debut in the world of cashmere in 2001, but his story began much earlier: in the 1960s when the the mother of the owner Simone Dal Moro opened her first knitwear workshop.

Luciana Zanata started working with a single weaving machine. She quickly gained the trust of customers and she gradually expanding the business until she reached a considerable production capacity in a short time.
With the name of Lussi Tricot, in addition to producing garments for the most renowned shops in Italy, his laboratory becomes a reference point for various established designers. First of all Mario Borsato with whom he collaborated for over 25 years.

Ms. Luciana and her collaborators further refine the technique according to the particularly high standards of haute couture, demonstrating great skill in interpreting the model and transforming the design into a finished garment ready to be worn.

Meanwhile Simone, next to his mother, watches and learns. He gained a lot of experience and he learnt something new every day about the accurate, exquisitely handcrafted processing procedures, through which the most beautiful cashmere garments take shape.

His strong passion fuels his desire to make and learn. This passion will lead Simone Dal Moro to become the owner and creative director of Roger.

Simone feels the need to give customers something more than just plain cashmere garments. He was looking for an idea to make the garments comfortable, elegant, precious and at the same time completely unique.

After a few months of reflection and ideas that did not convince him at 100%, like a bolt from the blue, here comes the idea that will change the fate of the store: from that moment each customer will be able to have a unique garment, to his liking, thanks to the creation of custom handcrafted writings.

To that point Simone entered in contact with several Italian Ateliers of international level searching feedback, which turned out to be more than positive.

From that moment everything increse. He came into contact with some people from the show business, thanks to the network of acquaintances he had created. He dressed vips such as Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez, Alex Del Piero, Diletta Leotta, Gerry Scotti, Jury Chechi, Castro Giovanni and many others...

In a few years, Simone has managed to establish himself on the market with these unique products, thanks to a very high attention to the customer, a high quality of the raw material and a deep knowledge of processing methods. .


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