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Selected yarns

Roger's quality designer garments comes from a careful choice of raw material and careful manufacturing in the production processes that ensure their durability and ease of washing. 

The yarns used by Roger are supplied by prestigious companies, such as Biagioli Modesto, Cariaggi, Lineapiù, Manifattura Sesia, Todd & Duncan who give us a guarantee on the quality of the final product. 

Particular attention goes to the processing. Roger follows specific procedures for each type of yarn. For example, garments whose yarns contain elements such as sequins and tiny crystals, as well as those made to measure, are used manual and semi-automatic looms from the 1950s. On the other hand, the latest generation automatic looms are used for garments that require very high precision processing, such as sweaters and scarves.

Roger uses three yarns that stand out particularly: Cashmere Pettinato, Cashmere Cardato and Cashmere Fantasia.

Cashmere Pettinato
Yarn composed only of long fibers. The Cashmere Pettinati's garments are smooth, therefore easy to wear under jackets and outerwear. Even if they are worn on the surface for a long time, no pilling is formed. They are warm and at the same time light thanks to the very thin thicknesses of the yarn.
Cashmere Cardato
It is particularly warm and soft: it is the result of a spinning cycle specially developed for processing fibers of limited length. The yarn obtained has an average thickness and a slightly irregular section: hence the characteristic soft consistency, which makes the carded cashmere garments very pleasant to the touch.
Cashmere Fantasia
The experience and craftsmanship play a decisive role in the procedure, it is characterized by the presence of tiny crystals, sequins, beads and lamé elements. Cashmere Fantasia requires very accurate processing performed using manual and semi-automatic looms.

Environmental protection

Roger is particularly concerned with safeguarding the environment: all its yarns come from spinning mills that comply with all the collection and protection regulations of the environment and animals. 

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